Attorney General Indicts Brigadier General Tena Kurndi, 8 Other Suspects


Addis Ababa January 12/2019  The Office of the Attorney General has charged 8 persons, including Brigadier General Tena Kurndi, for corruption.

The persons indicted from among the 26 suspects under Brigadier General Tena Kurndi et al. file are Brigadier General Tena Kurndi, Colonel Mulu Woldegebriel, Colonel Alemu Shemelis, Colonel Tekeste Hailemariam, Colonel Azeb Tadesse, Major Semere Haile, Major Yukunoamlak Tesfa and Major Solomon Abrha.

In a related development, the federal police told the court that it has also completed its investigation on suspects Colonel Girmay Tareke, Lieutenant Colonel Yishak, and Major Kindeya Girmay, Colonel Adane Agarnew and submitted same to the Attorney General.