Rwandan Leader Kagame to Pay Official Visit to Ethiopia


Addis Ababa May24/2018 President Paul Kagame of Rwanda will arrive this evening to pay official visit to Ethiopia.

During his stay, Kagame will confer with the leadership of the country, including Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, on bilateral and regional issues, Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

The Rwandan leader is also expected to visit various development programs, Hawassa Industrial Park among them.

Ministry Spokesperson Meles Alem said Rwanda and Ethiopia maintain good diplomatic relations and uphold similar views on various international and regional issues.

In his weekly briefing to journalists, the Spokesperson stated that the ministry is conducting vigorous diplomatic efforts to ensure the socio-economic and political benefits of the country.

According to him, following the recent visit of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed protection for the rights of citizens have been made.

More than 1000 jailed citizens in Saud Arabia; and hundreds from Tanzania, Zambia, and other countries have been released, Meles added.

He stated that the ministry has managed to provide various diplomatic services for Ethiopians residing in the neighboring countries and in the Middle East over the last nine months.

The Spokesperson noted that Ethiopian diplomatic missions have rendered consular services and assisted citizens on various issues ranging from protecting their rights and processing travel documents and related documentations.

Ethiopia is still playing a leading role in its chairmanship in IGAD and the AU to ascertain peace and stability in the African region with a particular emphasis on the situation in South Sudan and curbing the terrorist activities of Al-Shabab in Somalia.