PM Abiy Ahmed Conferred with the Leadership of ODF


Addis Ababa May  24/2018 The Oromo Liberation Front (ODF) has agreed to take part in the peaceful political discourse of the country.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed conferred with the leaders of the Oromo Liberation Front (ODF) here today in Addis Ababa.

According to a twitter message by Fitsum Arega, Head of the Office of the Prime Minister released today, the leaders of the ODF have agreed to participate in a peaceful democratic struggle in their country.

Fitsum added that the party leaders have agreed to contribute their part in promoting the national unity of the country and for the enhancement and expansion of the ongoing democratic process in Ethiopia.

The leadership of the ODF composed of 5 senior leaders including the former member of the leadership of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) has arrived yesterday in the capital Addis after a prolonged stay in foreign countries.

Earlier last month, Prime Minister Abiy has called upon all political parties in the Diaspora to come home and peacefully participate in the democratic development of their country.

Speaking to journalists upon his arrival, Lencho Leta, head of the delegation and leader of ODF said that the party delegation came to Ethiopia with options of either to officially register as a political party or to join in with other parties as an option for their democratic and peaceful move.

Any political party with a strong desire for changes in this country needs to prioritize peaceful political struggle, Lencho added.