IGAD Bridging Proposal Crafted to Bring Lasting Peace to South Sudan, Says Foreign Minister


Addis Ababa May 23/2018 IGAD’s bridging proposal is anchored on bringing lasting peace for South Sudanese, Foreign Minister Workneh Gebeyhu said.

South Sudanese parties received the proposal yesterday and have submitted their positions on the entire issues of the proposal, it was learned.

In his closing remark, the minister said though some parties are not happy or other parties are content with the proposal IGAD considers the proposal strong as it is anchored on how South Sudanese people would finally be able to attain peace and tranquility.

Workneh appreciated the strong will and commitment of the council of churches, faith-based groups, the civil society and women as well as youth group.

The minister reminded all parties to maintain their pledges of 35 percent women representation at all level of government appointment.

He called on all parties to work in collaboration for the success of the proposal.

IGAD Special Envoy for South Sudan, Ismail Wais encouraged the South Sudanese parties and stakeholders to consider the IGAD bridging proposal which reflects considerable effort to identify common ground between the different negotiating parties.

All Sudanese parties are expected to meet soon to close any possible differences and gaps of the proposal.

About 4.2 million South Sudanese remain displaced, 2.4 million of which are refugees in neighboring countries, and about 7 million are in need of humanitarian assistance.