Ethio-Telecom Reduces Tariff for International Calls, SMS


Addis Ababa December 20/2018 Ethio-Telecom has announced tariff reduction ranging from 10 to 40 percent on international calls and 51 percent on international Short Message Service effective 21st of December 2018.

Briefing the local media today, Ethio-Telecom CEO Frehiwot Tamiru said the enterprise was encouraged to cut tariffs following the recent massive tariff reduction on mobile and broadband services that had positive feedback.

“By continuing our move to make our services more affordable and bring about customer satisfaction, we are happy to introduce up to 40 percent tariff reduction on 71 percent of  international voice traffic destination countries”, Frehiwot stated.

The tariff adjustment made is based on international operator termination rate, it was learned.

The international voice call tariff reduction is 40 percent reduction for all traffic destination countries in South America, 20 percent reduction on 70.9 traffic destination countries in Europe, and 20 percent reduction on 99.8 traffic destination countries in North America.

Furthermore, 15 percent reduction on 85.6 percent traffic destination countries in Oceania, 15 percent reduction on 98.94 traffic destination countries in Asia and Middle East, and 10 percent reduction on 28.3 percent traffic destination countries in Africa.

Ethio-telecom will also make 51 percent tariff reduction on international SMS across all destinations effective tomorrow.

From the total monthly average international calls, 4.7 million is outgoing while 23 million is incoming call, accounting 15 and 85 percent coverage respectively.

In related news, Ethio-telecom disclosed that 18 million mobile service numbers which have been idle for more than two years are now ready for sale.

The subscribers who had been using the numbers prior to the recycling will be given priority to subscribe to their previous numbers.

The recycled numbers will be available for sale with and without packages, it was indicated.