Close to 45, 000 Runners Participate at 18th Great Run


Addis Ababa November 18/2018 Close to 45,000 runners participated in Africa’s largest road race, The Great Ethiopian Run, at the capital Addis Ababa today.

This year’s 18th Great Ethiopian Run has grown to become a major street festival in Africa attracting thousands locals and foreign tourists every year.

On today, thousands people have taken  to the streets of Addis Ababa to take part in Africa’s biggest road race, a challenging 10km run at 10,000ft above sea level.

On the day, a huge variety of runners from all age groups and fitness levels participated, it was indicated.

The Great Ethiopian Run was launched in 2001 by the initiative of the athletics icon Haile Gebreselassie and so far it has held 18 streets runs in Addis Ababa and other towns.

The major event under the auspices of the Ethiopian Great Run is annual run covering a distance of 10 km in Addis Ababa and it attracts world class athletes who have made names to themselves in the sports.

Foten Tesfay of Mossobo Cement and Hagos Gebrehiwot from Mesfin Industrial athletics clubs, won the 18th edition of the Great Ethiopian Run.

The race has made a temporary shift from its usual place, Meskel Square, to Sidist Killo Martyr’s monument due to the 11th African Union Extraordinary Summit, which is being held in Addis Ababa.

In the past years, Great Ethiopian Run has created the platform for renowned athletes to come and meet their fans and followers; have a discussion with the media and be part of the color full race.

This year’s Great Ethiopian Run has received Zeresenai Tadesse as its guest of honor, following the officially end of border standoff between Ethiopia and Eritrea.