Study Identifies Areas Exposed to Geo-hazards in SNNP Regional States


Addis Ababa November 06/12018 Geo-hazards are affecting agricultural products and human life in selected areas of Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR) of Ethiopia, according to Geological Survey of Ethiopia.

The study by the Geological Survey of Ethiopia analyzes the natural risks affecting agricultural products as well as human life due to natural disasters in the selected areas.

According to the study conducted in collaboration with Czech Geological Survey, areas around Arbaminch, Leku, Dilla and Mejo are highly affected by erosion, floods, landslide and rock falls due to occurrence of ground fissures, high gradient reliefs and intensive deforestation.

Thomas Hroch, a geologist at Czech Geological Survey, said “the expansion of settlements and more intensive use of land lead to more frequent interaction with human activities which leads to land degradation and deforestation.”

He added that in the areas between 700 to 1000 meters above sea level landslides occur caused by unstable steep slopes, infill drainage system and lack of drainage.

Hroch recommended that detailed engineering of geological, geotechnical and geomorphologic studies are necessary before starting developmental projects as well as strengthening the knowledge of local authorities in the fields of geomorphology.

Geological Survey of Ethiopia Head, Hunde Melka said the study is useful for federal and regional governments as reference for planning development projects and settlement programs in the areas covered by the study.

He added that the study will continue in other areas in order to fulfill the demands of the country in mitigating geo-hazards.

The three-year study was funded by Czech Development Agency.