PM Conveys Message on Celebration of Nations, Nationalities & Peoples’ Day


Addis Ababa December 7/2022/ENA/ Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has conveyed a message to Ethiopians on the celebration of the 17th Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Day that will be celebrated across the nation under the theme “National Unity for Sustainable Peace” tomorrow.

In his message the Prime Minister said that Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Day is a day in which all Ethiopians come together in unity instead of self-interest.

“Today is the day in which we extend our hands for our unity and shared interest, beyond our self-interest. Today is the day we celebrate life in diversity than beauty,” the premier stated.  

Being a country with strong foundation, Ethiopia should never fail to accomplish what it has started at a time when countries without statehood and history have been able to build marvelous nations within a short time, the premier stated.   

“If other countries are able to build inclusive system by developing appropriate laws, we can do much better than them by even adding values vital to upholding our country.”  

If Ethiopians try to use their diversity for a purpose, the unity of the country will be beautifully built upon our values, he wrote.

The PM urged all Ethiopians to strengthen their unity as it is vital to become stronger.

“We have to make sure that whatever things we do must not damage the interest of others. Instead, we have to make sure that it benefits others. Otherwise, we have to refrain from doing it.”

The Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Day of Ethiopia is annually celebrated with the objective of promoting unity among all Ethiopians and to strengthen their ties.

The celebration has also become an engine to boost tourism and investment in the host regions as all nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia gather to showcase their rich cultures.

The host for this year’s Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Day is Sidama region, and participants will celebrate the day in Hawassa, the regional capital.