PM Abiy says To ensure Peace, Prosperity, Ending War Vital


Addis Ababa November 15/2022/ENA/ Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that to ensure Ethiopia’s peace and prosperity, it’s important to stop war.

Members of the House of People’s Representatives at its 4th session raised various questions to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed including implications and benefits of the peace agreement process, reconstruction activities, diplomacy, among others issues.

Responding to queries raised by a member of parliament, Abiy said “if we want to continue with peace and prosperity, we need to stop war.”

“There is no good war; neither bad peace,” he said, adding “all the time war is bad and peace is important.  You are fire dollar. When you fire dollar , you will kill people,” PM Abiy pointed out.

The Prime Minister  stated whenever the country is facing imminent danger on its sovereignty territorial integrity and the country’s honour, we will resort to war.

 “It has been before and will continue in the future when that affects our national interest; when it affects our sovereignty,” he stressed.

There is no harm if there is negotiation and discussion for Ethiopia’s peace, unity and growth, Abiy underscored.