Abiy Extends Warmest Wishes to Ethiopians on Irreechaa Festival


Addis Ababa September 30/2022/ENA/ Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has extended warmest wishes to Ethiopians on Irreechaa Festival that will be held tomorrow and on October 2, 2022 in Addis Ababa and Bishoftu, respectively.

In his message, the premier stated that Irreechaa is peace, love and unity. That is the rule, culture, ethics and the end of Gada system.

As the festival is part of brotherhood and unity, a person who goes to Irreechaa festival should stop hate and preach reconciliation, he added.

According to him, working together and eating together, fighting for justice and supporting each other is the norm in Gada system.

“We annually hold the big ceremony Irreechaa to strengthen our unity. The Irreechaa of this year is a tool we can use to move to a new chapter and add victory.”

“It (Irreechaa) is the power of unity, the source of love, the source of friendship and life. This great tradition is rich in seeing and respecting all human beings equally, understanding and approaching,” Abiy noted.  

For this reason, people should come out to respect and thank God, he said, stressing that race, gender, age, religion and ethnicity do not divide us.

Today, the Irreechaa has become a festival where nations and nationalities are celebrating together, and it has been a tourist attraction.

The prime minister also noted that “We (Ethiopians) as a country and people are rich in culture and knowledge. We have many cultural and religious systems that encourage life together.”

And “when we are united, we have seen that we win in every struggle. We have shown that we can destroy any evil that is done on us. Our experience over the past four years explains this.”

Yet, there are still many things that test our freedom and sovereignty.

However, “they (our enemies) cannot stop us,” PM Abiy said, emphasizing that “we have the truth and the creator is with us. Therefore, we shall not bow to any power on earth.”

Moreover, he further pointed out that the biggest enemy is  poverty and defeating is the priority.  The premier said Ethiopians must therefore improve work ethic and strive to win in all fields of development.