Embassies of Various Countries in Addis Ababa Extend Best Wishes for Meskel Festival


September 27/2022 (ENA) Embassies of various countries based in Addis Ababa have extended best wishes to all Ethiopians on the celebration of Meskel Holiday.

Ethiopian Christians across the nation have today celebrated Meskel, an annual religious holiday to commemorate the discovery of the True Cross upon which Jesus was crucified.

Accordingly, the embassies of some 18 countries in Addis Ababa have extended their best wishes.  

The Embassies of Russia, US, Canada, India, Israel, UK, France, Italy, German, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Iran, Pakistan and Mexico have extended their best wishes.   

Ethiopian Orthodox Church followers have celebrated Demera, an annual bonfire lighting ceremony on the eve of the Meskel festival- the finding of the true cross up on which Jesus was crucified on Monday.

The official day of the feast of the finding of the True Cross, Meskel has been celebrated on Tuesday across the nation with various religious and traditional ceremonies.

Meskel has been registered as world intangible heritage by UNESCO in December 2013.