Ethiopia-China Relation an Epitome of China-Africa Cooperation: Ambassador Zhiyuan


Addis Ababa September 26/2022 /ENA/ As developing countries, China and Ethiopia have been conducting very fruitful pragmatic cooperation in all fields; making the relationship an epitome of China-Africa cooperation, China’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Zhao Zhiyuan said.

Chinese embassy in Ethiopia celebrated the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China today.

During the celebration, Ambassador Zhiyuan said that both countries focus on development cooperation to safeguard the wellbeing of their people.

All China’s pledges are coming to reality and are making steady progress, he said, adding “as of now 23 projects in Ethiopia have incorporated …toping all African countries both in number of projects and capital injection.”

Ethiopia is now at critical juncture of development, the Ambassador stated, and stressed “China has supported Ethiopia in seeking a path of development suited to its actual conditions.”

China is ready to make concerted efforts with Ethiopia to push bilateral cooperation to a higher level, he noted.

Zhiyuan expressed China’s readiness to materialize with Ethiopia the global security initiative making positive contributions to peace, stability, development and prosperity in the horn of Africa.

Finance Minister, Ahmed Shide assured the Ethiopian government’s commitment to further deepen the economic, social, and political cooperation with China and take the existing cooperation to new height.

Ethiopia and China enjoy a comprehensive and all rounded strategic partnership for several decades based on mutual benefit and trust, he added.

“Since 2008 the Chinese government and financial institutions have financed over 100 national projects and programs by allocating several billions of dollars in terms of loans, grants, and investment financing,” Minister Ahmed noted.

“China and Ethiopia’s practical cooperation has made fruitful achievement in all fronts,” he underscored.

China has provided Ethiopia with the necessary support to re-profile its bilateral and private debt to lessen the fiscal constraint it faced due to COVID-19 and overall economic reform, Ahmed stated, and anticipated “the debt treatment process will be completed urgently.”