Austria’s Ambassador Appreciates Efforts of Ethiopian Gov’t to Bring Durable Peace


Addis Ababa July 30/2022/ENA/ The newly appointed Austrian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Simone Knapp, has appreciated the government’s stand to bring durable peace to the country.

Ambassador Knapp presented his letter of credentials on Friday to Demeke Atnafu, Protocol Affairs Director-General at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the occasion, both sides exchanged views on the long standing historical ties and existing diplomatic relations of the two countries, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Director General Demeke briefed the Austrian ambassador the stands and commitments taken by the Ethiopian Government to bring lasting peace in the country by ending the conflict in the northern part, facilitating unfettered humanitarian assistance, and establishing an all-inclusive National Dialogue Commission.

He also appreciated Austria for humanitarian support extended to Ethiopia and noted that the relationships of the two countries is historical that will remain in the hearts and minds of Ethiopians.

Ambassador Knapp for her part appreciated the Ethiopian Government’s stand shown to bring durable peace in the country by ending the conflict in the Northern part peacefully and establishing a National  Dialogue Commission that included all concerned groups.

She also pledged to scale up the bilateral relationships that exist between the two countries.