The plot of Wollega Massacre: Nexus between Implicating Atrocities and Rhetoric


BY Staff Writers

The recent TPLF sponsored savage and untold massacre of innocent citizens including new born babies, toddlers, women and elderly is yet another manifestation of terrorist TPLF’s proxy war on the people and government of Ethiopia. The timing of the barbaric massacre coincides with the quadruple conspiracies orchestrated by the terrorists TPLF-Shene alliance and other backyard external supporters for the third round of war that terrorist TPLF bragging it is preparing for.

The West Wollega atrocity, though was not the first of its kind, has attracted a barrage of condemnations from the UNHRC, governments and international media houses across the world. The atrocity, perpetrated in Western Wollega Zone, Ghimbi District, Tole Kebele, was aimed to foment division among ethnic identities and flare up destabilization.

The inhuman and cowardice massacre conducted by terrorist TPLF-Shene alliance was meant to distract the people and Government of Ethiopia from what they are concentrating on: the third round filling of the GERD and other national priorities. The massacre is deliberately organized by the TPLF-Shene alliance to create chaos and mistrust between the citizens and the government and thereby creating a civil strife that may continue unabated.

Over the weeks, former Finnish diplomat Simo Parviainen revealed to ENA that Kjetil Tronvoll from Norway had suggested to a pro-TPLF media that the recent atrocity in Wolega Zone, was committed by TPLF, Shene and other anti- peace elements. Immediately after ENA has disseminated this newscast, Kjetil Tronvoll, was uneasy and emotional, exposing his sympathy to TPLF. Accordingly, in his tweet, Kjetil Tronvoll, tried to conceal the truth by over reacting to the newscast and attacking ENA, to discredit it in the most amateurish and unprofessional manner. It is recalled that Kjetil Tronvoll has been pro-TPLF lobbyist and a self style observer at the illegal election that TPLF had illegally conducted in Tigray.

Despite his shameful and blindfolded support for TPLF, those who accent the truth have exposed the terrorist group. Simo Parviainen, former Finish diplomat revealed that the “Recent atrocity committed in Wollega Zone, Oromia Region is plotted by the terrorists TPLF and Shene and foreign anti-peace elements.”

Accenting the truth under any circumstance is the most elementary lexicon of journalism where ENA has discharged its responsibility. Terrorist TPLF is known for its cruelty, lies, atrocity—and is dangerous not just to Ethiopia but to humanity as a whole. If one scrutinizes its track records, one will easily understand its intrigues. Of course, many international political analysts and journalists have started figuring out the true nature of terrorist TPLF not from its rhetoric but from its deeds. It is unfortunate that Kjeti and his associates simply parrot a situation where they  are fed by the terrorist or its alliance.

TPLF is serving the interests of some countries. According to intelligent sources, all the plots that have been attempted to destabilize the country were backed by external elements. The recent provocation by the Sudanese army on the Ethio-Sudan border was masterminded by the support from Egypt.  The massacre at Western Wollega, attempts of inciting religious and ethnic conflicts in various parts of the country, smuggling firearms into the country, several sabotages and propaganda war on GERD are systematically co-organized by terrorist TPLF and its allies as a political tool for destabilizing Ethiopia and creating a zone of war in the Horn of Africa. This is evident that TPLF militant leader, Tadesse Worede recently told Tigray TV that the terrorist is preparing for another war, revealing that the operations the terrorist  will unleash will no longer be unilateral. Of course, foreign fighters were also among those killed or apprehended while fighting with the terrorist in its previous  invasions. And this conspiracy is not far from the Ethiopian people and government.