Despite Gov’t Bid for Peace Talks, TPLF Beating War Drum: Gov’t Communication Service


Addis Ababa June 30/2022 / ENA/ The government of Ethiopia has been taking huge measures to help the people of Tigray in dire situation, despite TPLF’s continued campaign for another round of war, Government Communication Service (GCS) disclosed.

In a press briefing today, Government Communication Service Minister, Legesse Tulu said the government of Ethiopia is taking large scale measures to help the people in Tigray by facilitating the necessary humanitarian aid in to the region.

However, TPLF is waging war using its false propaganda to incite the people in the region for another round of conflict by disrupting the current farming activities in the region, he said.

The humanitarian aid being delivered to the region has not been properly distributed to the people in need, he said adding that the government believes in the fact that TPLF has been diverting the humanitarian aid to the families of its fighters.

The fuel being transported to the region has not been utilized for the targeted humanitarian purpose; he added, noting that TPLF has prevented humanitarian flights to Mekele airport.

The minister further stated that the government has announced its readiness to resolve the war in the northern part of the country by conducting peaceful talks in line with the constitution of the country, the respect for national sovereignty and interest.      

He added that the people of Tigray need to understand the fact that it will only benefit from the peace process.

Any outcome of the peace process will be conducted within the bounds principles including respect for the constitutional order, respect for fundamental national interest and the role of the African union as the facilitator of the process, the government said.

The Minister of government communication service further stated the terrorist groups who had committed in human attacks against innocent people have suffered huge losses by the law enforcement operation being conducted in the areas.

According to Legesse, the peace and stability of areas in Oromia, Amhara and Benishangul-Gumz regions, which had previously been in a complex security problem, have now been in a better situation following the law enforcement operation.