PM Urges Youth to Turn to Dev’t


Addis Ababa September 07/2018 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed urged the youth, who has been struggling for democracy, should turn to development.

The Premier made the remark while inaugurating the 4.1 billion Birr industrial park built in Adama, 100 km southeast of the capital Addis Ababa.

The Primer noted that the youth in Ethiopia have been striving particularly for the past few years to ensure democracy and political freedom.

“If a person who wins in this effort doesn’t turn to nation building and development, it cannot be said that he has an objective of changing a country rather addiction to struggle,” he said

Abiy said it is time for the youth to fully engage in developmental endeavors, as the struggle has brought tangible achievements.

“Now, the thing we need to struggle hole heartedly should be defeating poverty,” Abiy said emphasizing the need to engage in development endeavors.

Abiy said a program aimed at rehabilitating farmers who left their lands for the development of the park will be implemented.

Besides facilitating the situation for the farmers to be employed at the park, the government will work to improve their living standards, Abiy added.

The Premier said that the rehabilitation program to be implemented in Adama is a practice that needs to be adopted in other parts of the country.

The first phase of the Adama industrial park, which inaugurated today is expected to employ 25,000 individuals, upon fully operational.

Anchor multinational companies that engage in textile and apparel are expected to invest in the park.

Seven industrial parks similar with the one in Adama are expected to start operation in this Ethiopian fiscal year, it was learnt.