Religious Broadcasting Services Vow to Support National Dialogue


Addis Ababa April 1/2022/ENA/ Some religious broadcasting services said they will support in every way the national dialogue in the country.

Speaking to ENA, Public Relations Head of the Ethiopian Islamic Nesiha TV, Ayub Derbachew said the national dialogue is not a choice rather a responsibility of all religious broadcasting media.

There is no prior agenda than supporting reconciliation and peace in the country, he added, noting that the media have to pay all sacrifices for the realization of peace and stability.

“We have no other alternative other than supporting the national dialogue in the country to survive as a country and live in peace as individual citizens.”

According to him, the religious broadcasting media in the country should give due emphasis to the process of national dialogue because there is no crucial issue other than peace at this historic juncture.

The media in general and religious broadcasters in particular have great responsibility in supporting peace in Ethiopia, Ayub underscored, noting further that peace is fundamental in  Islam.

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church Broadcasting Service Agency Digital Media Department Head, Memhir Abel Assefa reiterated on his part that the media outlets of the church will  support the national dialogue to preserve peace, coexistence and unity among Ethiopians.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church and its media as always work for the unity and integrity of Ethiopia and the broadcasting Service agency will contribute its share for the realization and successful completion of the national dialogue in Ethiopia.   

 Memhir Abel pointed out that “a directive has been issued by the Holy Synod urging the media outlets to stress on this issue (national dialogue). Therefore, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, through its media, will consolidate works promoting coexistence, peace, love, unity and equality among all Ethiopians.”