Newly Appointed Ambassadors Reaffirm Readiness to Safeguard Ethiopia’s Interest


Addis Ababa March 25/2022 /ENA/ Newly appointed ambassadors representing Ethiopia in different countries have reaffirmed their commitment to safeguard the interests of Ethiopia by enhancing bilateral relations with the respective countries.

A swearing-in ceremony of newly appointed Ethiopian ambassadors took place yesterday in the presence of President Sahle-Work Zewde, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Demeke Mekonnen.

Speaking to ENA, Plenipotentiary Extraordinary and Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to Zimbabwe, Reshad Mohammed said that he will work to further consolidate relations between Ethiopia and Zimbabwe, particularly in the fields of trade, investment, and education, among others.

He added that he will also work to strengthen people-to-people relationship and cooperation with Zimbabwe at international forums.

Plenipotentiary Extraordinary and Permanent Representative of Ethiopia in Washington, Sileshi Bekele stated that the relations between Ethiopia and the United States exceeds 100 years and the two countries have common interests.

He promised to work hard to strengthen relations between the two countries for the benefit of both countries during his tenure in the country.

Extraordinary and Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to Kenya, Bacha Debele said he will focus on strengthening bilateral agreements between the two countries, and engage in joint works to serve common interests in the fields of trade and regional integration, including road, railway and joint port projects between Ethiopia and Kenya.

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ethiopia in Qatar, Faisal Ali said he will work closely with Ethiopians in the diaspora to have close connection with their country and interact positively with its issues.

By clarifying the current situation in the country, the ambassador stated that he will mobilize them to denounce the draft bill HR 6600, which is against peace, democracy and stability in Ethiopia and infringes the sovereignty of Ethiopia.

President Sahle-Work Zewde gave general direction to the newly appointed ambassadors.

She said the ambassadors have great responsibility in maintaining the dignity and integrity of the country.

Maintaining and ensuring the national interest of Ethiopia is a  job to be proud of, the president added.   

“Glorify Ethiopia wherever you go,” President Sahle-Work urged the ambassadors and told them to work hard in glorifying and promoting its image in the international arena.

The ambassadors were sworn in by Federal Supreme Court President Meaza Ashenafi.