Move to Hold Nat’l Dialogue Good Step Toward Reconciliation: South Sudanese Nile Youth Dev’t Action


March 05,2022 (ENA) The move Ethiopia made to hold a national dialogue is a good step to reconcile the diverse domestic issues and problems within the nation, South Sudanese Nile Youth Development Actions Executive Director said.

Speaking to ENA, South Sudanese Executive Director of Nile Youth Development Actions Executive Director John Youhanes Magok said the move to hold national dialogue is a good step for Ethiopia with the view to reconciling and arriving at peaceful resolution of conflicts in the country.

National dialogue is critical for the people of Ethiopia to express their grievances, disappointments, and show forgiveness to reach national reconciliation, he stated, adding that the dialogue would bring all Ethiopians to come together and express the future of Ethiopia that they wish to see.

Appreciating the Government of Ethiopia for initiating the dialogue, Magok said the national dialogue would address the root causes of internal conflicts.

“I think it [the national dialogue] is a good step and we fully appreciate the government for  initiating that; and also the people of Ethiopia to have that strong feeling they have to talk, dialogue and have a solution for African problem and national issues in Ethiopia.”

The executive director pointed out that there has to be healing and national reconciliation through comprehensive dialogue which includes all the spectrum of the society so that everyone sees himself/herself as part of the dialogue.

“I hope the recommendation of that dialogue would be implemented even at the grassroots level. It has to be comprehensive where it includes all spectrum of the society — the young, private sector, government, women, elders, religious leaders, among others,”he elaborated.

According to him, South Sudan had such experience of national dialogue which paved the way for developing the country, progressing, and uniting the ethnic groups to live together in harmony and peace.

“South Sudan has 64 ethnic groups but what unites us is South Sudan,” the executive director stated.

Magok believes that the national dialogue in Ethiopia too will be successful like that of South Sudan. In this regard, Ethiopia can learn from the experience of South Sudan.

He said, “We have been in conflict within ourselves for the last seven years. But recently we had active peace, which is going on… South Sudan has 64 ethnic groups but what unites us is South Sudan. The same is true for Ethiopia, which is very diverse country having 81 ethnic groups. But what unites all of them is Ethiopia.”