INSA Mitigates Over 3,400 Cyber Attacks


Addis Ababa, February 14/2022/ENA/ Information Network Security Agency (INSA) said that it has mitigated more than 3,400 cyber-attack attempts over the past 6 months.

Briefing journalists today, INSA Director-General, Shumete Gizaw said that this is the first time for the country to face such high number of perilous cyber-attack attempts in just 6 months.

He added that the agency’s cyber-attack mitigation capacity has currently reached 96 percent and was able to mitigate such high number of cyber-attack attempts.

According to Director-General, 33 percent of attempted cyber-attacks targeted infrastructure surveillance; and attacks on website accounted for 25 percent while bypass, malware and distributed denial of services accounted for 21, 19 and 10 percent respectively.

Cyber security is unpredictable and highly dynamic, Shumete said, and stressed that it is crucial for everyone to enhance its cyber literacy.

The world might lose an estimated of more than 10 trillion USD by 2025 from cyber threat–the next global pandemic, he said, underscoring the need for uninterrupted effort to cope with the world.

Shumete urged organizations to take all the necessary precautions of their cyber security features.

Financial institutions, ministries, regional offices, health and education institutions, factories, service providing institutions, and media were among the targets of the cyber-attack.

With the aim of protecting the country’s information and information infrastructure from harm, Information Network Security Agency (INSA) was established for the first time in 1999.