# NoMore Movement Condemns HR 6600 That Calls for Hostile US Intervention in Ethiopia


Addis Ababa February 13/2022/ENA/ The No More, a global peaceful movement has denounced the Orwellian entitled “Ethiopia Stabilization, Peace and Democracy Act” (HR 6600), which calls for the imposition of harsh sanctions and violent measures against Ethiopia.

In its statement posted yesterday, the NoMore movement reaffirmed that it stands unified against HR 6600 and US aggression toward Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia. The movement condemned in the strongest terms possible the bill passed by the House Foreign Affairs Committee that was introduced by US representatives Tom Malinowski (D-NJ-07) and Young Kim (R-CA-39), who calls for hostile US intervention in the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia.

The statement further describes the bill : “the bill, which was co-sponsored by Ranking Member Michael McCaul (TX-10), Chair Gregory Meeks (NY-05), Brad Sherman (CA-30) and David Cicilline (D-RI-01), calls for the imposition of harsh sanctions and violent measures against the peoples, governments and diasporas of the Horn of Africa, falling within the category of a “foreign person”, who supposedly “undermine” efforts for a negotiated settlement.”

The TPLF designated a Tier III terrorist organization by the US Department of Homeland Security, started the war in Ethiopia and fired a barrage of missiles on Eritrea in November 2020, the statement indicated.

However, the Biden Administration and the sponsors of HR 6600 fail to acknowledge those  historical facts.

Furthermore, the Ethiopian government’s call for a ceasefire in June 2021 was not only ignored by the terrorist TPLF but triggered the terrorist group to recruit Tigrayan child soldiers and go on offensives in the Afar and Amhara regions.

Continuing  its belligerence, TPLF has caused for killings of  thousands of innocent civilians, displacing hundreds of thousands more, using rape as a weapon of war and intentionally destroying infrastructure that includes over 3,000 hospitals. TPLF also emboldened the allied Oromo Liberation Army to carry out targeted mass killings of Amhara civilians in Western Ethiopia.

The US government remains silent as well as complicit in the TPLF’s ongoing war crimes against these innocent civilians, the movement revealed.

 “Instead of condemning TPLF, the US has scapegoated the Eritrean government and Eritrea, which is explicitly mentioned in the bill and already the victim of vicious economic sanctions,” the statement pointed out.

No More movement has planned to mobilize US citizens to the maximum possible extent to remove from office all sponsors of HR 6600 and exercise their democratic rights, the statement revealed.

“We hope US officials involved in forwarding the recent hostile measures against the Horn of Africa will reverse course and pursue corrective measures in the interest of US and African citizens alike.,” the statement added.

The statement affirms that the  #NoMore Stands Unified Against HR 6600 and US Aggression Toward Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia.