Legal Advocates Urged for Adequate Role in Ensuring Rule of Law, Prevalence of Justice


Addis Ababa January 24/2022/ENA/Legal advocates in Ethiopia should play adequate role in ensuring rule of law and justice in the country taking advantage of the new reform launched in the sector, lawyers and law consultants urged.

Lawyers approached by ENA said the existence of robust rule of law is crucial to ensuring peace and social justice. According to them, lawyers play critical role in promoting the rule of law by advocating justice and exert efforts in educating vital laws to the public.

Lawyer, Law consultant and Author, Dejene Girma said that legal advocates have a great deal of responsibility to ensuring rule of law and justice in the country.

“The role of lawyer is huge. The prevalence of peace and social justice is when the rule of law is ensured. So the lawyers play critical role in promoting the rule of law, prevalence of justice. They can pressure government bodies to introduce necessary laws, ensure rights in courts and assist government structures.”

The Federal Advocates’ Association creates favorable condition for law professionals’ services and advance the public rights, he added.

Beza Shwangzaw, Lawyer and Law Consultant, on her part said the establishment of the association will help advocates to create impact on the people and government to ensure better justice and peace.

 “The administration of lawyers, established by the proclamation, will help us bring clear impact in the justice system,” Beza said.

“Lawyers are the main wing of the justice system. The presence of legal advocates are vital to facilitate the tasks of courts to undertake their duties properly.”

She also said that lawyers can provide professional services to ensure the rule of law, justice, for citizens to enjoy their rights  and peace.

Ministry of Justice Legal Studies, Drafting and Consolidation Director-General, Belayhun Yirga pointed out that the reform made in the legal advocacy services and controlling mechanism will certainly improve the justice system in Ethiopia.  

He said the legal advocacy sector in Ethiopia was under the control of the government.

But, now, he stated the controlling mechanism is distributed to the ministry of justice, the Federal Advocates’ Association and the board,  enhancing accessibility and transparency in the justice system.  

The joint leadership is designed to advance public interest and prevalence of justice by balancing the roles of the government and the association, he stated.

Belayhun stated that the ministry, the advocacy association and board will take joint leadership role following the establishment of the association and that will improve the justice system.

“Advocacy was controlled by government and didn’t add the desired contribution to justice. But from now on, the controlling mechanism will be enhanced with the formation of the advocacy association that will serve for the best interest of justice while also assisting the government and others so that lawyers can play great role for prevalence of justice,” Belayhun.

Establishment of Federal Advocates’ Association is unique for the first time allowing advocacy firms, the director-general stated, adding that advocacy leadership was under ministry of justice.

“But now, it’s under the ministry of justice, the association and board. This in general, will make the justice system accessible and transparent. It was dark until recently, because it’s vast, but from now on it will be joint leadership,” he added.

Belayhun underscored that advocates as one of the wings of justice system ought to play critical role in ensuring justice in the country with the promising favorable condition. “Advocates can play a role not less than the courts.”

Federal Advocates’ Association, established by Federal Advocacy Services Licensing and Administration Proclamation, which was approved by House of People’s Representatives and entered into effect in early August, held general a assembly yesterday and elected board members.