Redwan confers with Board Members of Ethiopian Public Diplomacy Institute


January 22,2022 (ENA) State Minister of Foreign Affairs Redwan Hussien held discussion with board members of the Ethiopian Public Diplomacy Institute.

The Ethiopian Public Diplomacy Institute is registered in Sweden by Ethiopians who are actively safeguarding the interests of Ethiopia by targeting the Arabic audience.

They, in particular, are active in informing the Arabic language audience through renowned media outlets on issues related to the construction and filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

Redwan lauded the institute’s efforts in promoting Ethiopia’s interests, especially making the Arabic audience understand Ethiopia’s right to equitably utilize the Nile water resources without causing significant harm to downstream states.

He further called on them to make their media activities more fruitful by promoting initiatives that promote and strengthen people-to-people engagements that would augment the public diplomacy activities of the government.

Appreciating members the institute for their derive to institutionalize their efforts and further seek registration in Ethiopia, the Ambassador pledged to extend support to their needs for information through creating linkages with relevant public offices.