Online Platform that Uses Mapping to Visualize Energy Access State Launched in Ethiopia


Addis Ababa, January 17/2022 /ENA/  An online interactive platform, called Energy Access Explorer, that uses mapping to visualize the state of energy access in Ethiopia launched today.

Ministry of Water and Energy, World Resources Institute and Africa Clean Energy officials officially launched the platform at a hybrid of face to face and virtual discussion with experts from different institutions.  

During the launching discussion, Water and Energy Minister Habtamu Itefa said the platform is helpful to identify energy resources and demand across the country and the plan of achieving full electrification by 2025 with private sector investment.

“It will not be possible to achieve access to all Ethiopians without the private sector,” Habtamu said.

According to the minister, the government is working to fully electrify Ethiopia using different energy sources and through on grid and off grid connections.

Currently 55 percent of the Ethiopian population has no access to electricity in the country, he stated, adding that the rest 34 and 11 get electricity access through on grid and off grid connections respectively.  

Especially solar assembly manufacturers are highly encouraged to invest in Ethiopia, the minister pointed out.

The government is creating conducive environment for private sector investments of different form, including in Public-Private Partnership, using different energy sources.

The ongoing electrification program will mainly catalyze educational, health and agricultural activities in Ethiopia, it was indicated.

The launched platform provides valuable information to a multitude of stakeholders, including, off-grid and mini-grid developers, energy planner and electrification institutions of countries and investors.