Efforts are underway to Establish Capital market in Ethiopia


Preparations are underway for the creation of capital market in Ethiopia, senior macroeconomic advisor to the governor of the National Bank, Melese Minale has said.

In a symposium held here to enhance stake holders’ awareness on capital market, Ato Melese Minale, who is also a senior macroeconomic advisor to the governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia said activities are being undertaken for the development of road map for establishing capital market.

 He also citied the drafting of regulations and strategic planning are  being underway.

According to him, developing local capacity in the capital market through various of training of trainers will also be important  for the success of  the capital market.

President of Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce, W/ro Mesenbet Shenkutie on her part said the establishment of capital market with necessary regulatory guidelines will make the county economically beneficial.

 The establishment of the capital market will improve finance sector thereby creating strong competitive economy.

Accounting and Finance Education Head, with Addis Ababa School of Commerce, Dr. Dakito Alemu  said  School of Commerce, chambers and various associations organized the event to raise the awareness among  the stake holders.