Int’l Media Act as Mouthpiece of TPLF, Push Group for Comeback in Power: Pan-Africanist and Journalist


Addis Ababa January 13/2022/ENA/ Some international media have positioned themselves as spokespersons of TPLF against a democratically elected government of Ethiopia as some western countries are simply trying to push for the comeback of the terrorist TPLF in power, a Ugandan Journalist said.

Since the onset of the law enforcement operation in the northern region of Ethiopia,  some of the mainstream media such as CNN, Reuters, and BBC have been disseminating fabricated news, presenting danger on the sovereignty of the country.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, managing editor of Plus News Uganda, Kungu Al-mahadi Adam said some of the western countries  from the onset of this conflict, “ take a side” with TPLF.

The so-called international media like Aljazeera, BBC, CNN, Reuters, and The New York Times, have been amplifying whatever TPLF says, he pointed out.

For Adam, “the media have positioned themselves as spokespersons of TPLF against a legally, democratically elected government”.

Citing that the stories such as “the rebels are just at the outskirts of Addis Ababa in the beginning of November last  year was a coordinated lie”, he said, adding with such politically-motivated media misinforming the rest of the world.     

He added there was a fake story: ‘Genocide in Tigray’ and then they claimed the rebels were close  into Addis Ababa to misguide the rest of the world about the conflict and putting unwarranted pressure on the elected government of Ethiopia.

Regarding those fake ‘Genocide’ stories, Adam said the joint report of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission and UNHCHR disproved the allegation.

This was simply propagated by the international media. “We have seen also from the onset of this conflict that the government of this country has tried so many times to negotiate with those people but they refused”.

“We have seen the west pushing the Ethiopian government to negotiate with the rebels. But, how can the government negotiate with people [TPLF] who are not willing to cooperate?” he asked.  

 “The western world is simply trying to push for the comeback of the TPLF in power but that is wrong because this is a sovereign state which has a way to manage its own internal affairs,” Adam underscored.

So, he further stated that “we have seen bias all through the international media, the international community, on the basis that they want to have puppet people that will serve their sole interest which I think the people of Ethiopia really demonstrated that they are not willing to allow such people to come to power”.