PM Abiy Says Any Solution that Divides National Unity, Violates Dignity & Sovereignty of Ethiopia Unacceptable


Addis Ababa January 7/2022/ENA/ Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said any solution that divides the national unity, Violates the dignity and sovereignty of Ethiopia and endangers the territorial integrity of the nation is unacceptable as they are a red line that should not be crossed.

Addressing the challenges in a civilized manner is the government’s utmost priority, the Premier affirmed in his statement issued today.

Though applying a peaceful way to resolving problems seems a daunting task, it immensely reduces human and material damages as well as helps to allocate the human power and budget that could be spent on war to development, he underlined.

However, Abiy pointed out that “Peace cannot be achieved with the interest of one side alone. Despite our unreserved patient and efforts for a peaceful settlement of the problem, the heart of the enemy has not been changed; instead it continued with its arrogance.”

“There are red lines that should not be violated by any means of peace, forgiveness and love. Any solution that divides the national unity, violets the dignity and sovereignty of Ethiopia and endangers the territorial integrity of the nation is unacceptable,” he elaborated.

Abiy further stated that the war we conducted with the terrorist TPLF and its pupate; Shene was because of the violation of these red lines.

The terrorist TPLF had conspired to divide Ethiopia’s national unity, attacked the northern command of the Ethiopian National Defense Force in collaboration with its foreign accomplices to jeopardize the nation’s dignity and sovereignty, the PM stated.   

As a result of this, the enemies of Ethiopia were able to have reasons to twist our hands as they wish.  

However, the people of Ethiopia, who is the sources of our strength and pride, was not defeated easily. It is successfully defending the attacks orchestrated in the two directions.   

Anyone who seeks the path of treason and division will inevitably face the punishment of Ethiopians, the PM said.  

‘’We will consolidate our effort in multifaceted manner  to sustain our victory in a way that could never be reversed.  In order to sustain our victories, we will also make efforts to conclude it with political and peaceful ways,” he stated.