Israeli Editor-in-Chief Urges Western Gov’ts to Reconsider Policy, Send Strong Message to Terrorist TPLF


Addis Ababa December 28/2021/ENA/ Western governments need to reconsider their policy and send strong message to the terrorist group TPLF, instead of not only being silent but also seeming to continue to support its actions defying international norms and customary norms governing international relations, Israeli-Ethiopian TV Editor-in-Chief Fasil Legesse wrote on Jerusalem Post.

In his latest article, he noted that there have been premeditated systematic campaigns on Ethiopia by Western governments in the past one year, especially in the past few months.

The entire plot was to bring the dictatorial ethnocentric disgruntled political group known as Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) back to power, he added.  

In line with this, the big corporate media stations such as CNN, BBC and Reuters were engaged in broadcasting fake news that were meant to create steps directed towards their desired end, the editor-in-chief stated, adding that they disseminated orchestrated propaganda and staged media warfare.

United Nations agencies have also been complicit in these actions and the narrative created about Ethiopia is sifted with fabricated stories intended to instill fear and havoc.

All along, Ethiopia and Ethiopians remains to be resilient, Fasil pointed out.

“The horrible attacks by the by TPLF at the northern base of Ethiopian National Defense (ENDF), which was the flash point, has been disregarded by these media groups.

Besides, none of them mentioned that the TPLF has caused significant damage in terms of human life and loss of property in Afar and Amhara regions, according to the editor.

The systematic killing of civilians, including women and children by TPLF in cities, has been recorded by human rights organizations. All acts of violence conducted by the TPLF forces are typically similar to that of Hamas or other terror groups, Fasil elaborated .

He further noted that the TPLF has publicly declared its evil objective to destroy Amhara, dismantle the federal government and disintegrate the nation. 

Ethiopians at home and in the diaspora have been disappointed by concerted malicious messaging from the Western countries, which begins with false narrative that the terrorist groups are advancing to the center and asking diplomatic community and expats to evacuate.

This, he pointed out, was announcement of possible terrorist attacks and call for plan of military intervention. “These false stories have been circulated with the objective of creating a sense of disorder.” 

Stressing that the Ethiopian government is engaged in fight against terrorism, the editor-in-chief said “while the TPLF joined hands with OLF Shene and commits grave crimes the Western governments are not only silent but also seem to continue to support its actions defying international norms and customary norms governing international relations.”

Fasil underscored that “they need to reconsider their policy and send strong message to the terrorist group. It is in the public domain that TPLF has been designated as a terrorist group even by the US government, Ethiopians in the diaspora are simply calling the Western nations to adhere to the principles and international standards.”  

According to the editor-in-chief, the diaspora is poised to combat the misinformation and disinformation campaigns launched on Ethiopia. The coordinated Ethiopian Diaspora #NoMore movement across the world has created a new momentum.