TPLF Deliberately demolished two vital bridges in Wag Hemra


December 27/2021/ENA/ The terrorist TPLF group has deliberately demolished two vital bridges in Wag Hemra zone of the Amhara State.

Following  the defeat and retreat of the terrorist group from the areas Amhara and Afar states, reports are keep coming about the atrocities and  destruction carried out by the terrorist.

The Deputy administrator said that the Wag Hemera Zone of the Amhara state is also among the area which experienced enormous destruction  by the evil group.

According to Tesfaye Gebre, the Deputy Administrator of the Zone, during the four months’ occupation of Wag Hemera Zone, the terrorist has destroyed several infrastructures of significant importance.

Among them are two vital bridges that connect Wag Hemera with Sekota – Korem and Addis Ababa, he said.

Tesfaye said the bridge connecting Sekota with Tesgebej Wereda is also destroyed by the terrorist group.

The Administrator added that  the deliberate destructions of the bridges were intended to cut off the people from neighboring Woredas,  showing the ill-intention of  the group.

According to him, the TPLF group has looted health facilities, educational facilities and private properties,  destroying all that it did not mange to take..

Tesfaye said while TPLF was in power for 27 years, the group was tirelessly working to deny the basic infrastructure needs of the people of the Wag Hemera Zone.