Japan to Extend about 606 Mn Birr Additional Grant for Most Vulnerable People in Northern Ethiopia


December 25/2021/ENA/ The Government of Japan has decided to extend additional emergency grant aid worth about 606 million Birr for the most vulnerable people, including internally displaced persons, in northern Ethiopia, according to a press release of Japan Embassy in Ethiopia.

The embassy said that the grant will be provided for those vulnerable populations, particularly to people in Afar, Amhara and Tigray regions.  

“The grant aid will be provided, especially in the areas of  IDPs Protection, Emergency Shelter and Non-Food Items (ESNFIs), Food, and Education on land mine through its partnerships with various international organizations.”

It recalled that the Government of Japan extended the first emergency grant aid worthy of 6.6 million USD last February for the most venerable people in northern Ethiopia.

The embassy added that Japan will continue working closely with the international community towards the improvement of the humanitarian situation in the northern Ethiopia.