False Reports about “Tactical Retreat” of TPLF Should be Exposed: Spokesperson Dina Mufti


December 25/2021/ENA/ The false reports by some foreign media that the terrorist group, which had faced humiliating defeat and chased out of the areas it invaded by the ENDF and regional forces as if to pave way for peace, should be exposed, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Dina Mufti said.

Briefing the media in connection with a consultative meeting organized by Bahir Dar University and Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the current situation in Ethiopia, he said the country is finalizing the Campaign for Multinational Unity.

The terrorist group, which had been saying that “the war is over and with whom do we sit to negotiate”, is thrashed by successive and overwhelming operations, the spokesperson noted.

Despite knowing that the terrorist group has been defeated and forced out of the occupied areas in the Amhara and Afar states, some foreign media outlets report that TPLF made tactical retreat, he stated.

Dina underscored that media of national and friendly countries should, therefore, correct the misguided information and denials made by the terrorist group.

According to the spokesperson, this is clear evidence that their reporting on state-of-affairs in Ethiopia is based on lies and distortions.

He pointed out that it is against this backdrop that the consultative forum is being held and expressed his hope that the meeting would enable scholars to use their knowledge and skills to challenge the Western media outlets and organizations.

As the ministry was able to integrate Ethiopia’s foreign relation with survival of the nation, African brothers and sisters have rallied behind our cause.