Ethiopia Preparing to Issue National Digital ID to Citizens Until 2025


Addis Ababa December 16/2021/ENA/ Ethiopia has been striving to give national digital identification card (ID) to citizens with age of above 18 years until 2025, the National ID Program CEO Yodahe Arayaselasie disclosed.

Yodahe told ENA that those 18 years of age and above individuals and even bellow 18 years old students can acquire the national digital ID which is vital to facilitate access to services.

 “We will give this digital ID for 95 percent of  Ethiopians with 18 years of age and above. But we will also give it to students below 18 years,” Yodahe said.

The pilot projects are in the pipeline with many organizations, including the Ministry of Education, Ethio telecom, Industrial Parks Development Corporation, Productive Safety Net Program, banks and vital events registration offices, he pointed out.

Besides facilitating access to services, socio-economic activities and inclusion in the country, the CEO stated, the program to provide national digital ID is aligned with African Union and UN targets.

The digital ID will also contribute to the implementation of African Continental free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and the target set in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, he said.

“The digital ID will strengthen domestic and trans-boundary digital business ties and facilitate the implementation of AFCFTA,” Yodahe pointed out.  

Ethiopia is working to achieve the national digital ID target five years ahead of the African Union 2030 plan, according to him.