Some Int’l Institutions Becoming Instruments of Neocolonialism: Researcher


December 15/2021/ENA/ Some international institutions are becoming instruments to realizing neocolonialism being attempted by few western countries, a researcher at the African Leadership Excellence Academy Dr. Haile Muluken said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Haile  said that the former colonialist are now trying to exploit the African economy through institutional rules operating at international level.

In this regard, some international institutions are becoming their instruments, he added.

“It is becoming clear that these institutions are engaged in discrediting and eliminating leaders of countries whom  some of the west don’t want,” the researcher said.

Recalling the United Nations War Crime Commission that had refused to accept Ethiopia’s allegations against Fascist Italy, today, the International Criminal Court (ICC) which is the successor to this organization, is still operating unfairly as it is established exclusively for Africans.

Ethiopia is not a member of the International Criminal Court, he said, urging other member states to withdraw from ICC.

Dr. Haile expressed his hope that Ethiopia would continue to be a model for the black people in defending their independence, despite the pressure of some Western-backed colonial powers.

Africa has the potential to use its resources to change the balance of power in the world, Haile said, adding that for this to happen African scholars need to think at the continental level.

The researcher said Africa needs to focus on building capacity to bring its people closer to unity and solidarity, stressing the need to strengthen Pan-Africanism movement in order to get benefit it deserves internationally.

Africa must fight for a permanent seat on the Security Council, he said, in this regard, he added that the UN Security Council should examine itself.

He also said the efforts started by Ethiopia to counter this unjust practice should be supported by all Africans.