Prosperity Party Executive Committee Sets Directions on Importance of National Consultation


Prosperity Party executive committee conducted a discussion on current national affairs and set directions on the importance of inclusive national consultation.

Head of Prosperity Party Office, Adem Farah stated that in its meeting, the executive committee set out directions to lay strong foundation on the country’s existence and promote democracy.

According to him, the executive committee also reviewed the current state of affairs in the country and commended the achievements registered in the “Operation for National Unity in Diversity” campaign.

The Committee expressed gratitude to all security apparatuses including the National Defense Force, the regional security forces, the people at the surroundings of the battlefronts, and all Ethiopians at home as well as residing abroad for their outstanding contributions to the success of the campaign, it was indicated.

The executive committee has also called on the people to continue their efforts in strengthening  their support in order to  attain  other victories in the future.

The committee also evaluated the progress made in reorganizing and rehabilitating areas liberated from the terrorist invader TPLF and stressed the need to strengthen the efforts in a coordinated manner, he noted.

On the other hand, the public have been urged to provide the necessary support for the rehabilitation and reorganization endeavors of the nation.

Finally, Adem said the executive committee discussed ways to strengthen the ongoing political transition in Ethiopia and on the importance of inclusive national consultation.

He said “the concept of inclusiveness and comprehensive consultation has been a concern since the beginning of the reform in the country and the executive committee has acknowledged the need for consultation in the country.”