Inter-Religious Council Urges Western Countries to Refrain from Committing Evil Deeds on Ethiopia


Addis Ababa, December 04, 2021 (ENA) The Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia has urged Western countries that are trying to harm Ethiopia refrain from their evil deeds.

Briefing the media, Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia Secretary-General Liqe Tiguhan Qesis Tagay Tadelle called on all citizens to stand together for the sovereignty and national interest of Ethiopia.

He also urged countries, institutions, individuals and the media that have launched a vicious campaign and unjust pressure on Ethiopia to refrain from their distractive acts.

Even if the Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia is neutral from any political affiliation, it opposes  all activities that are against the sovereignty and unity of the nation, he underlined.

Although religious fathers and elders had exerted efforts to mediate and bring peace, they were unable to succeed due to the refusal of the terrorist TPLF, the secretary-general recalled.

The Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia officially condemns the external pressure on Ethiopia, he stated, urging Western countries to refrain from their evil deeds against Ethiopia.

The secretary-general said Ethiopians should remain united, preserve the existence of their country and live in peace and harmony.

Liqe Tiguhan Qesis Tagay further called on Ethiopians living abroad to fulfill their national duty by standing for the interest of their country.

The statement of the council will be sent to the United Nations, international human rights organizations, embassies, and various international religious institutions and organizations, it was learned.