Thousands of Terrorist TPLF Militants Surrendering Following PM Abiy’s Call


December 04/2021 (ENA) Thousands of TPLF militants have been surrendering following the call made by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to all people fighting alongside the terrorist TPLF group to surrender peacefully.

A number of victories have been registering while enemy forces are being disintegrated in all war fronts after the premier has marched to the battlefield to lead the army.  

The Ethiopian joint force led by the Prime Minister under the operation of “Campaign for Multinational Unity,” is advancing accompanied by multiple victories.  

For instance, the coalition of security forces of Ethiopia has so far liberated several towns in Gashena, Showa, Wore Illu, Chifra and other war fronts by incurring huge human and material losses against the invading group. 

It is to be recalled that Prime Minister Abiy on Tuesday urged the youth who have been fighting without clear vision alongside the terrorist TPLF to surrender peacefully to the Ethiopian security forces and save their lives.

He also called on Tigrayan parents to demand the whereabouts of their children in order to rescue their children from the devastating war that has no vision.  

Accordingly, thousands of militants of the group have now been surrendering peacefully to the security forces of Ethiopia.  

The captives who have surrendered noted that they were forced to surrender as the group has been defeated. They said that they were forced in to the war without understanding the reality.

The captives have also expressed regret for their actions noting that they had involved in the war without their will as the terrorist group was forcing all Tigrayan households to provide an individual per family for its fight.

Noting the fact that the group has now been defeated, the captives said the information being disseminated by the terrorist TPLF is completely false.  

Many of their colleagues have perished in the battlefield, the captives said, adding that they are very lucky for surrendering to the Ethiopian National Defense Force.

They thanked the Ethiopian National Defense Forces and the community at large for the treatment being rendered to them.

The captives urged all Tigrayan youth to surrender peacefully and other to refrain from joining the group by ignoring its false propaganda that claims victory.