The Fluctuating Game of the US to Rescue TPLF


By Staff Writer

The war that Terrorist TPLF has been conducting on the people and government of Ethiopia and the joint conspiracy orchestrated by terrorist group with support from the western powers and the US for over a year is effectively being foiled by the entire people of Ethiopia at the rear, the ENDF and its allied forces.

The successes being registered at all the fronts and areas temporarily occupied by the irredentist terrorist force and the valor that is exhibited before the adversaries of Ethiopia clearly indicates that the truth and only the truth can prevail over the false propaganda, treachery, misinformation and deliberate distortion of facts by terrorist TPLF and its western media allies who are all trending on the wrong side of history.

The people of Ethiopia who suffered under the tyrannical rule of terrorist TPLF for 27 years waged an irreversible struggle that ousted the parasitic regime which has committed gross violation of human rights and untold crimes against the people of Ethiopia.

The US led western powers totally ignored the suffering of the people of Ethiopia but siphoned in more than 1 billion USD every year to sustain a government of pickpockets, contrabandists and snatchers of public funds to build their luxurious villas.

With the unfolding of a national reform program in all sectors of government nomenclature and sectors, terrorist TPLF abandoned the federal government and conducted an unconstitutional election in which the former oppressors who had accomplished no meaningful development programs were restored to the regional government.

Despite the multiple pleads for peace and reconciliation made by the government, renowned elders and religious fathers, terrorist TPLF rejected every effort of peace put forward by all concerned.

Instead of resolving its differences on a round table, the terrorist group started massive military and logistics preparation for more than two years and started a protracted war by attacking the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Forces massacring several hundreds of officers at the mid night of November 4, 2020.

At this point in time, no western government or the US came out to condemn this fascistic act totally uncommon in human history. Regrettably enough almost all reputed media in the west falsely blamed the Ethiopian government for starting the war in total misinformation on the fact on the ground.

Like any government across the world, the Government of Ethiopia had to accomplish its constitutional obligation of enforcing law and order in Tigray region.

The western media lost no time to misinform the world by hurdling inflammatory statements and defamation on what they called “ Abbey’s Army ” in the most derogatory and none journalistic language.

Having rounded up and decapitating most of the leadership of the terrorist organization while a number of them were hiding in their foxholes in Kola Tembien, the federal government established an interim government which was entrusted to reinstate basic social services and fast-tracking relief and rehabilitation programs with a special budget of 100 billion Birr and providing swift delivery of relief supply for the needy population in the region.

Despite the massive efforts made by the government in covering 75% of the relief supplies, the western media outlets started to labor on their campaign of falsehood and misinformation on every bit of positive actions taken by the government in easing the plight of the needy population.

The western governments and their media companies falsely accused the government of obstructing the flow of relief aid, using hunger as a political weapon and other make ups at their disposal.

In view of creating a favorable and peaceful situation for farmers in Tigray and as a genuine gesture for peace, the government provided seeds, fertilizers and other agricultural accessories for the farmers by terrorist TPLF cadres were moving from village to village to stop farmers from tilling their lands.

The government left more than 400,000 quintals of food grain, huge amount of edible oil and other nonfood items to be used by the regional government but most of it was immediately looted and used to feed the terrorist army.

While the government entrusted the WFP and other UN agencies to transport food, medical supplies, in a gross threat to the security of the country, a number of UN officials were caught transporting sophisticated communication instruments and satellite phones to be used by terrorist TPLF for its war on the people of Ethiopia in Amhara and Afar regions and to be extended to the rest of the country.

While the UN systems have deployed more than 800 heavy duty trucks to transport food to Tigray, only very few of them were returned while the rest have been used to transport fighters and armaments to terrorist TPLF occupied zone in Amhara and Afar. The western powers and their media were dead silent about this illegal action by the terrorist TPLF.

Moreover, despite the repeated total rejection of negotiations for peace, the US in the most irrational and unjustified manner stood with terrorist TPLF by emboldening it to engage in destroying the entire political and economic system in the country through a series of economic sanctions including delisting the country from AGOA and imposing diplomatic sanctions on the leaders of the country.

Western media outlets attached to their governments started fabricating false propaganda stating that terrorist TPLF and its allied forces are at the gates of Addis Ababa for a triumphant entry into Addis Ababa.

Embassies of the western powers were instructed to evacuate their citizens as a huge terrorist attack will take place in Addis Ababa. Today, Addis Ababa is as peaceful as it was in the past. This was confirmed by those diplomats who have departed and those who are still here in Addis Ababa.

However, those western nations including the US that has been disseminating false information about the situation in Ethiopia, has continued to push for negotiation with this terrorist group that has killed several innocent citizens, raped many women and looted huge amount of public and private properties in Amhara and Afar regions.  

They are not still interested to condemn the group for its atrocities instead attempting to pressurize the government of Ethiopia for baseless reasons. Instead of supporting the government’s efforts to rescue the people in Tigray from the heinous acts of the group that has been deliberately dragging millions to starvation for its lust for power, the US and its allies are still in love with this destructive bandit.  

The purpose of the continued pressure for negotiation by the US and its allies in the west is nothing but to ensure the survival of TPLF in Ethiopia’s politics for the benefit of their interest in the region.

Today, terrorist TPLF forces are in the reverse gear and in total disarray as their actual terrorist gang leaders and traitor commanders have been killed in action.

Despite the false propaganda of the western powers and the US that Ethiopia will soon fall apart and in spite of their call for the so called transition government, the people, government and the allied forces of ENDF are emerging victorious by freeing almost all areas occupied in Amhara and Afar regional states.

The Ethiopians are showing the most unprecedented unity and are successfully marching forward in freeing the entire northern Ethiopia from the yoke of western  sponsored terrorism, vandalism and destruction of the entire social fabric in the two regions.

In less than a week after the Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed has marched to the battle front to fight and lead the ENDF and its allies as the Commander in Chief of the Defense Forces, the gallant forces, heroic sons and daughters of the country smashed 6 kms concrete bunker and annihilated the terrorist force.   

Ethiopia’s efforts to defend the territorial integrity and sovergnity of the country have already gained international acclamation and support throughout the world.  

Today, more than 100 countries across the world are supporting the just cause of Ethiopian government in defending peace, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.   

The inspirational sprit of Ethiopia’s struggle against interference into the internal affairs of the country has spread across Africa and the world. Renowned African leaders, international journalists particularly from Africa and the US including Hermela Aregawi, politicians from Asian countries, Europe and the US Congress, world renowned bloggers and men of the arts have now joined the # No More Movement. 

The anti-War #No More movement has been the top trending hashtag for weeks until Twitter temporarily blocked it. While Twitter has censored it in several countries, it remains the top trending African campaign on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Currently organized by the Horn of Africa hub, the #NoMore campaign was created by a coalition of Ethiopian and Eritrean activists led by former Al Jazeera & CBS journalist Hermela Aregawi. Its central objective is to oppose the ongoing Western media disinformation campaign, Western economic warfare, diplomatic propaganda and military interventions in Africa in general, and the “Horn of Africa” in particular favoring terrorist TPLF.

The movement has now shifted to all countries and regions across the global opposing the interference into the internal affairs of third world countries by the western powers.

Despite the sacrifices paid and the huge loss in property, the people’s war against the terrorist TPLF has cemented the most unprecedented unity and solidarity among the people of Ethiopia only seconded by the unity shown at the Battle of Adwa.

It has shattered to conspiracy cooked for Ethiopia by the western powers, the US, Egypt and Sudan and all those local and international forces who were laboring on the evil of destroying Ethiopia. The final victory is just on the horizon coming in few days or weeks.