Finalizing GERD Triumph in Survival Campaign: Nat’l Council for GERD Office Director-General


December 01/2021 (ENA) Completing the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is one of the manifestations of the success in the survival campaign, according to the Office of the National Council for the Coordination of Public Participation to the Construction of GERD.

Office of the National Council for the Coordination of Public Participation to the Construction of GERD Director-General, Aregawi Berhe told ENA that finishing the dam is a manifestation of the triumphs of the survival campaign because it is being built by the sweat and blood of all Ethiopians at home and abroad.

Citing that Ethiopians have been contributing in every way, he said the construction of the dam is progressing well despite so many challenges the nation has been facing.

The director-general, who noted that the terrorist TPLF has been working with internal traitors and foreign enemies to thwart the GERD and similar projects, stressed that its evil plans have failed because of the gallant children of Ethiopia.

According to him, the total construction of the dam has reached 82 percent and Ethiopians are continuing to provide their unwavering support for the realization of GERD alongside fighting against internal and foreign enemies.

Aregawi further affirmed that there is no worry regarding the security of the dam since adequate security system is in place. “Above all the dam will protect itself,” he quipped.

The participation and contribution of the people, both at home and abroad, has been growing every day, he stated.

The director-general who noted the unjust decision of the US government to deny Ethiopia access to AGOA, pointed out that the GERD and similar projects could fill the economic gap  if completed soon.

Since the completion of the dam is crucial to Ethiopia’s economic growth, Aregawi stressed that “it is the responsibility of all Ethiopians to carry out developmental activities and complete mega projects alongside the survival campaign.”

He underscored, “Whether the United States and Europeans want it or not, the key for our economic independence is working in unity.”