United Forces of Ethiopia Liberate Gashena Town, Its Surroundings


Addis Ababa December 01, 2021 (ENA) The united Ethiopian forces have taken control of Gashena and its surroundings, According to Government Communication Service.

The entire security forces, which have been led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who is also the Commander In-chief of the army, is marching with victory in the Gashena front and many surrounding fronts, it was indicated.

Minister of Government Communication Service, Legesse Tulu said today that in the Gashena front, Arbit, Aqet and Dabo towns were captured by the Ethiopian National Defense Force, Amhara Special Forces, Militia and Fano.

Legesse added the multi-level concrete fort, which the invading group had built for several months by forcing the residents, has been already demolished with the help of a coordinated plan, leadership skills and technology with the limited  human and material scarifies.

In this battle front, many heavy weapons were captured by the Ethiopian united forces, he pointed out.  

As a triumphant victory was secured in these fronts against the looter TPLF, the minister said that the control of the Geshena by the Ethiopian joint forces would pave the way to further clear the areas of Lalibela, Sekota, Woldia and Dessie from the terrorist group.

In addition to the military defeat against the invader TPLF,  the enemy is now completely encircled and every roots are shut down that it is unable to the group to  take out its plundered property and would not have ability to escape.

The Minister also said that the coalition forces of Ethiopia are also advancing to other area to march for more victory.

As a result, in many battle fronts such as Jama Degollo, Wore Ilu, Genete, Finchftu, and Akesta towns have also been liberated by the joint forces.

On the Shoa front, Mezezo, Molale, Shewarobit and Rasa areas were also liberated from the invading forces, he indicated.