“If Ethiopia Is Not Stable, the Whole Continent is Lost”: Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated President


 November 29/2021 (ENA)President of the Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated, a Pan-African organization among the Rastafari in Jamaica, said “black people need Ethiopia to be stable. If Ethiopia is not stable, the whole continent is lost.”

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated President Kipp Ezekie said “we are doing protests and working hard to bring about peace in Ethiopia as black people need Ethiopia to be stable. If Ethiopia is not stable, the whole continent is lost.” 

According to him, the world is behind Ethiopia and the few that think they will conquer the world are under false illusion.

“We have seen a lot of demonstrations going on around the world, which is unprecedented. We never saw something like this before. The support that Ethiopia is getting around the world ensures that the black people of the world stand with Ethiopia,” the president noted.

Ezekie stated that Ethiopians had defended their country from foreign invasions and it is the only free country in the world for black people. So, the black people of the world are behind the unity of Ethiopia.

Africans need to struggle against foreign intervention as this will lead to the breakdown of the whole continent, he underscored.

Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated Deputy Country Representative, Ambrose R.King said on his part Ethiopia has to defend not only its integrity, but the integrity of the whole race of black people.

Some westerners are trying to disunite and to dismember Ethiopia and the continent of Africa, he stated, adding that “what we are defending is unity and integrity.” 

King noted that he has been fooled and tricked by the Western controlled media that is now attacking Ethiopia. “The evil empires of the West wants to control Africa; and if they can control the diplomatic capital of Ethiopia then the rest is a piece of cake for them.”

This propaganda and misinformation war that is being angled and focuses on Ethiopia is designed to break the unity. The West, the evil partners of this world, are trying to dismember Africa and put it back into slavery, he elaborated.

“We have to support Ethiopia, whether here or on the front line or in distant lands far apart. Spiritually, we must pray for our victory because we are confident in the victory of good over evil. So, all African people, all black people and all people of conscience and of justice should support Ethiopia.”

The deputy country representative further stressed the need to counteract against the worldwide  misinformation campaign against Ethiopia.

“We must utilize any social media, mainstream media including music to spread the truth about what’s going on here in Ethiopia, King stressed.

The Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated was established in the United States in 1937. Its aims were to mobilize support for Ethiopians during the Italian invasion of 1935-41, and to embody the unity of Ethiopians at home and abroad.