Akon Joins No More Movement against unjust Western Intervention in Africa

ATLANTA, GA - JULY 19: Recording artist Akon performs onstage at 2015 Passport Experience Festival at Centennial Olympic Park on July 19, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

 November 29/2021 (ENA) The world renowned African-American Artist, Akon has joined the “No More” movement against the unwarranted western intervention in Africa.

The #NoMore movement is created by Ethiopian and Eritrean activists with the objective to oppose the ongoing Western media disinformation campaign, economic warfare, and diplomatic propaganda in Africa in general, and the “Horn of Africa” in particular.

Many African brothers and sisters, Pan-Africanists and friends of Ethiopia and the continent have been joining the #NoMore movement to protest against the neo-colonialism ambitions of the West.

The world renowned African-American Artist, Akon announced that he has joined the movement in protest of western intervention in Africa.

In his latest message on social media, Akon said “No More” for the unjust western intervention in Horn of Africa in particular and Africa in general. Akon called on all concerned to “Defend Africa” from neocolonialism.