Africans, Friends in Pretoria Protest against Western Neo-colonialism Ambitions


November 29/2021 (ENA) Ethiopian Diaspora in South Africa, South Africans and Pan-Africanists have protested against the Western attempts to impose neo-colonialism on the continent.

The protest has taken place on Monday in front of the US Embassy and the European Union in Pretoria, South Africa.

Sources told ENA that the rally was attended by Ethiopians and people of Ethiopian descent living in nine states of South Africa, as well as South Africans living in the country and pan-Africanists.

Leaders of the African National Congress (ANC) and other political parties in the country including Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters party have participated in the rally, it was indicated.

At the rally, messages were sent against the West as they are imposing unwarranted pressure on Africa, including Ethiopia to crumble the continent in the name of humanitarian aid, human rights and democracy.