Ethiopian Diaspora in Korea, Ireland Protest against Unjust U.S Intervention in Ethiopia


Addis Ababa November 28/2021 /ENA/Members of the Ethiopian Diaspora residing in South Korea and Ireland have joined the ‘#NoMore’ movement and protested against the unwarranted U.S interference in Ethiopia’s internal affairs.
Following the massive waves of protest across the world against the U.S and some western countries intervention in the internal affairs of Ethiopia in collaboration with internal traitors, the Diaspora community in Korea and Ireland said ‘NoMore’ unwarranted intervention Ethiopia.

Tens of thousands of people are also expected to march in Washington DC on Sunday as part of the “ #No More” movement to denounce unreasonable pressure of US administration against Ethiopia

The central objective the NoMore movement is to oppose the ongoing Western media disinformation campaign, Western economic warfare, diplomatic propaganda and interventions in Africa in general, and the “Horn of Africa” in particular.

The movement quickly becomes a global movement against the unjust intervention of the U.S and its West allies in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation for their destructive neo-colonial ambitions.

Chinese top government officials have recently joined the NoMore movement by stating “O democracy, how many crimes are committed in your name! #NoMore”