Ethiopian Americans vow to Increase Participation in U.S. Politics to Maintain Ethiopia’s Interest


Addis Ababa November 28/2021 /ENA/ Americans of Ethiopian descent said that concerted efforts have been started to increase participation in U.S. politics to maintain Ethiopia’s interest, resist pressure and interference.
About 500,000 Ethiopian descents live across US, it was indicated.   

Some Americans of Ethiopian descent from the U.S. told ENA that concerted efforts have been began to increase participation in the U.S. politics to resist pressure on Ethiopia and maintain its interest.

Behailu Asefa, from California, said the participation of Ethiopians in the demonstrations being held to denounce US pressure on Ethiopia have beard fruit noting that concerted effort to enhance the engagement of Ethiopians in the US politics is underway.

Ethiopians in the US are engaged in promoting Ethiopia’s interest in various ways including conducting civic diplomacy and establishing organizations and coalitions working on political issues, he stated.

Strategies have been developed to enable the Ethiopian Diaspora involve in US politics by becoming senators and members of Congress, he said.   

Abiy Gebrehiwet, from Washington DC, stated that the strategy is to set up three very powerful political affiliation committees in the U.S. and support them financially.

“That’s what we did in Virginia. We warned the Democrats. We will not put our votes in the same basket as in the past. We will have our own senators,” he added.

Alemayehu Abebe, also from California, said out of the 500,000 Ethiopians in the U.S., about 250 can vote in elections as the U.S. federal, state and local elections are allowed for U.S. citizens.

According to him, the Diaspora in US is more committed than ever to support Ethiopia in any way possible.   

Ambassador Fekadu Reta, a resident of Chicago, expressed his hope that peace will finally prevail in Ethiopia and Ethiopians will continue to work for the development of their country together.

“I am hopeful that our country will be at peace. We, the Diaspora and our people, work together more for the development of our country, for the prosperity of our country and for the sovereignty of our country.”

Abiy Gebrehiwot on his part said if peace prevailed, the mobilization is also important for the development of Ethiopia as half of the Diaspora lives in the country.

“If this war is over in a short period of time and peace prevailed. If there is peace, many things can be done,” Abiy added.

It is to be recalled that Ethio-American Samra Brouk, defeated republican nominee Christopher Missick in the New York state election in 2020.

Similarly Ethiopia born Oballa Oballa has won historic city council seat in 2020 election in the southeast Minnesota city of Austin.