Tens of Thousands to March in Washington to Denounce US Pressure against Ethiopia


Addis Ababa November 28/2021 Tens of thousands of people will march in Washington DC on Sunday in order to denounce unreasonable pressure of US administration against Ethiopia.
This demonstration, which is part of the popular “#No More” campaign by Ethiopian Diaspora and friends of Ethiopia, will be hosted in front of White House, according to information obtained by ENA from Peace and Unity Association task force in the Washington DC.

Current Ethiopians and the friends of Ethiopia have been denouncing the ongoing Western media disinformation campaign,  economic warfare, diplomatic propaganda and their support to the terrorist TPLF.

The protesters will be also sending a message to President Joe Biden administration to correct his misguided foreign policy towards Ethiopia and Eritrea as well as stop interfering in these two countries’ domestic affairs.

The demonstrators are also anticipated to be chanting slogans condemning the terrorist attack on Ethiopia by the TPLF.

According to the Washington DC-based Peace and Unity Association, the demonstration will be held weekly in Washington DC to pressurize  the Biden administration for adjusting  its foreign policy and stopping  interference  in Ethiopia’s internal affairs.

Ethiopian Diaspora and friends of Ethiopia have been coming out in droves in over 27 major cities around the world to condemn the interference of Western powers and undermining of the integrity of the country, it was indicated.