Int’l Organizations Urged to Provide Humanitarian Assistance for IDPs in Amhara Region


November, 27,2021 (ENA)  Amhara National Regional State Disaster Prevention and Food Security Program Coordination Office has called on the international community to provide humanitarian assistance for persons displaced due to the invasion of terrorist TPLF group in the region.

It is indicated that more than 1.1 million people have been displaced in the region due to the invasion of the terrorist TPLF group.

Communication Head of the Office, Eyasu Mesfin stated that only 2 percent of the total IDPs have now been in temporary shelters.

According to him, among the IDPs, 54,354 are children; and there are also more than 14,000 pregnant and lactating mothers, as well as people with disabilities and the elderly.

Though the regional government is working in collaboration with the federal government to reach out humanitarian aid to the displaced, the displaced have still been in dire conditions that require urgent assistance, the head urged.

Urging the community to continue their support particularly to those vulnerable groups, the communication head called on international humanitarian organizations to play their part in providing urgent assistance to the IDPs in the region.