International Conspiracy to Dismantle A Legitimate Gov’t


International Conspiracy to Dismantle A Legitimate  Gov’t  

By Staff Reporter

A video footage recorded last Sunday of a meeting that included  several Western diplomats conferring with leaders of the terrorist Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), showing them openly discussing on heinous plans to overthrow Ethiopia’s democratically-elected Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed who arrived  at the front lines on Wednesday to take personal  leadership and control over the effort to halt the TPLF’s desire to destroy a democratic political order in Ethiopia and replace it by a transition government that would be imported from abroad in gross disrespect of the voice of the people of Ethiopia who elected their leaders on the 6th  National Election conducted several months back.

This grand conspiracy that was hatched by longtime  diplomats mostly on pension from the US and EU as well as terrorist TPLF “special representative” who were reportedly associated with the 27 years of repressive and oppressive rule of the terrorist TPLF under the smokescreen of EPRDF were plotting on organizing a political coup on a democratically elected and popular government.

This meeting, among other things, clearly shows the double faces and treachery of the US and EU in which they were originally pushing the Ethiopian government to sit at a negotiating table with terrorist TPLF for peaceful settlement of the crisis while plotting with a terrorist organization to overthrow a legitimate government as they have done in a number of Latin American and African countries.  

For instance over the last three decades, in Argentina, President Isabel, a democratically elected president of Argentina was overthrown by General Jorge Rafael Videla in 1976. In Bolivia, Jose Torres was overthrown by General Hugo Bazer. Similar coup de tats were accomplished in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Venezuela, Paraguay and Nicaragua. In Africa, a US sponsored coup was staged in Ghana against Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in 1966. The tragic assassination of Patrice Lumumba led to the accession to power by General Mobutu Sese Seko in 1961 and more recently the assassination of Thomas Sankara  of Burkina Fasso in 1987.

According to  Jeff Pearce, an investigative journalist,  the meeting was held under the auspices of the so called Peace and Development Center International, which they described as “TPLF and OLF-run masquerading as NGO,” referring to the TPLF-allied Shene.

Apart exposing the hidden agenda of western nations to dismantle Ethiopia, there are a number of implications about the conspiratorial discussions captured in the above mentioned video.

First, it is important to consider the timing of the meeting. The main purpose of this apparently secret meeting had a double fold purpose. The meeting was basically called to salvage the terrorist TPLF from the burning wrath of the people of Ethiopia and the advance being made by the ENDF, militia. The Special Forces from almost all regions of the country, Fanno and the entire population in Amhara and Afar regions. Terrorist TPLF and its allies are already strategically defeated at all the battle fronts and no situation could justify the establishment of a transition government.

Second, the so called transition government which is sponsored and is to be imported to Ethiopia is not only unconstitutional, illegal and immoral. It is unconstitutional primarily because off two basic reasons. First, already there is a legitimate government in Ethiopia that is elected by a landslide vote. Second, there is no domestic or international law or political situation that provides for dismantling a legal government on power and replace it by any form of government.

Third, the call for a transition government is meant to establish a puppet regime that would take orders from the US and EU in the process of balkanizing the country into federal and confederal principalities and banana republics through which united Ethiopia will be disintegrated. Such a transition government will never be accepted as it is to be imposed on the people of Ethiopia against their desires and their sovereignty. This transition government is meant only to serve as a springboard from which western and US governments would dominate the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea.

Fourth, this game and trick on a transition government is anti-democratic, illegitimate and contrary to normative international laws, the UN and AU Charters will prohibit the toppling of a legitimate government in any form.

Fifth, those who were conducting the secret discussion are not legally mandated to take up the issue because they only represent their own views and not of any government. They are simply engaged in a conspiracy and illegal meeting that should not have been allowed by a responsible government. This is simply a gathering of day dreaming pensioners who should spend their time for retirement and not for conspiracy against a democratic country.

Besides, the peoples and governments of the Horn of Africa are already voicing their full support for the Ethiopian Government while the AU has categorically rejected any form of regime change in Ethiopia by any means.

More such conspiracies and plots could continue even after the defeat of the terrorist forces by the united defense forces of the country. Regrettably, several of the participants on the infamous meeting were well placed scholars and elders in the country with no lack of knowledge on the history of this country. It is unfortunate that they have chosen to participate on a meeting of betrayal organized by those who are plotting to create dismembered principalities that would be governed by the terrorist TPLF both directly and in remote control.