Africa CDC Headquarters Manifestation of China’s Beneficial, Practical Work for Africans: Ambassador Yuxi


November 26/2021 (ENA) The construction of Africa CDC Headquarters in Addis Ababa is the manifestation of China’s beneficial and practical work for the African people, China Mission to African Union Head Liu Yuxi said at the topping out ceremony of the Africa CDC building today.

The mission head, Ambassador Yuxi, said on the occasion that China and Africa joint initiative on partnership for Africa’s development was launched this year.

The construction of Africa CDC Headquarters by the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation started in December 2020 with 80 million USD fund from the Chinese government, it was learned.

“Do more beneficial and practical work for the wellbeing of the African people. The Africa CDC building itself is the manifestation of beneficial and practical work for the African people,” the ambassador noted.

Ambassador Yuxi also underlined the need to cooperate with African countries and support their development plans, the African Union Agenda and SDGs.

“All countries should carry out cooperation with Africa on the premises of respecting Africa’s sovereignty,” he added.

China-Africa relations and partnership is growing with respect to African sovereignty and supporting developments manifested by mutually beneficial and practical works that help the overall development of African countries, the head stated, calling on all other countries to follow suit.  

According to him, China will try its utmost to assist African countries in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, restoring the economy, and social development.

Africa CDC Head, Dr. Benjamin Djoudalbaye said on his part Africa is facing over 100 public health events every year and there are events that can degenerate into epidemics and pandemic.

“So, by having this center, we will help the continent manage, monitor, and respond in timely manner into these events on the continent,” he added.

On completion, the laboratories in the building will be able to receive the samples from African countries across the continent.