Terrorist TPLF in Total Disarray as PM Leads Military Offensive: Democratization Minister


November 26/2021 (ENA) Ethiopia’s military forces, led by PM Abiy Ahmed, are on a stronger position and in the offensive line in all fronts and the terrorists are on the run, Ethiopian Minister in charge of Democratization Zadig Abraha said.

He told Al Jazeera yesterday that the federal government is on the offensive in all fronts and the terrorists are in disarray as they are losing their commanders.

Following the premier’s decision to join the army on the front lines, Zadig said “the moral of our fighters is boosted and things are changing by the day. Things have been reversed.”

According to him, the rebels’ false bravado that they closing on Addis Ababa is simply a wish list, a dream in the night and wish in the day for their false propaganda.

“We are capable of defending Addis from any aggression. The rebels are losing big, following the decision by PM Abiy to join our army on the front line and things are changing,” he noted.

Regarding the settling of differences through dialogue, the minister  said the Government of Ethiopia has no problem in settling differences diplomatically. but the problem is TPLF is attacking cities and killing innocent citizens.

He added that when these things are happening and when crimes against humanity are being committed, the idea of settling differences diplomatically is simply against the truth on the ground.

Commenting on the different voices of the international community on Ethiopia, Zadig stated that “there are voices in support of us and we believe the critical ones will also come to their sense and support us.”

Zadig further said, “We believe history is on our side. We have fighting for the right cause and we believe the international community will be on our side gradually.”

The minister pointed out that the recently formed government has been practicing a new culture of democratization in Ethiopia by sharing power with various opposing parties operating in the country in a legitimate process.

The government has been introducing a wave of reforms that have fundamentally changed Ethiopia’s position when it comes to democratization and the country is on the right path to consolidate democracy.