Ethiopia Fighting Against Domestic Terrorists, Foreign Enemies: Gov’t Communication Service


Addis Ababa November 24/2021 /ENA/ Ethiopia is battling against domestic terrorist forces and foreign powers allied to them, according to Government Communication Service.
riefing the media today, Government Communication Service Minister Legesse Tulu said Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been providing leadership for the defense force at the battlefront since yesterday to reverse the hybrid war waged by the terrorist TPLF.

According to him, Ethiopians are currently facing two forces that are seeking to dismember their country and diminish its symbolic role in Africa.

Legesse explained the agenda of the domestic enemy, TPLF, which strives to tear down Ethiopia unless it succumbs to the political and economic supremacy of the terrorist group.

“The group had been dissecting the country along divisive ethnic lines in a way that asserted its supremacy during its rule. And now, the TPLF has created a coalition of terror and is threatening to destroy the country,” he noted.

Speaking about foreign powers that are giving material and moral support to TPLF in its destabilizing effort, the minister said this emanated from their hostile attitude to the role of the country in integrating the Horn of Africa.

“Foreign powers are intensifying pressure on Ethiopia due to their fear that the country could  rise up in East Africa. Therefore, they are working with local terrorist forces to pull Ethiopia backwards as they believe that there is no force that can turn it around if the country continues   achieving success.”

In this regard, it is important to note that the foreign powers are waging a coordinated war against Ethiopia, especially by using technology, he revealed.

The minister disclosed that the foreign powers have, for example, been giving satellite service to the terrorist TPLF by carrying out military espionage in the country.

Besides, the Western media are waging psychological war on the country.

However, Legesse stated that government officials, including those in leadership positions and the people of Ethiopia, have joined the survival campaign and are working to eradicate the terrorist TPLF.

He further stated that the decision of Prime Minister Abiy to lead the campaign from the front-line is a testament to his leadership skills and Ethiopia’s long history of invincibility that has inspired many people to follow in his footsteps.

Noting that Ethiopia’s historical enemies are still working to destroy the country, the minister called on Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia to strengthen their efforts to save Ethiopia.